Quiet on set. Loud on the wrap.

March 18, 2010

I love being on set.

I love shooting, I love AD-ing, I LOVE directing, and I was born an actor. When it comes to being on set I never back down for a challenge. We had a mock set in pre production class and I had a lot of fun. It definately wasn’t my first time on a shoot, and I was glad to see some of my comrad’s get some exposure to how a set is actually ran. I could notice inexperience but also a general sense of apathy from some of my class mates. When it came to volunteering for crew positions there was a less than enthusiastic response, this worries me as these are my peers, whom I have to rely on for a passionate working environment.  I want to make connections here in this program that will lead to a productive and successful life in film production… Thats why I’m so pumped about every aspect of film making, I’m here because I LOVE FILMMAKING.     Every little job, can be very rewarding.

I had fun in the in class set experience, I got a chance to DOP, and Act, when I was shooting I would have rathered do a “oner” by handheld, but it wasn’t what the director wanted. .. This got me thinking… I kinda want to Direct and DP my own work. I love having the max control.


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