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Quiet on set. Loud on the wrap.

March 18, 2010

I love being on set.

I love shooting, I love AD-ing, I LOVE directing, and I was born an actor. When it comes to being on set I never back down for a challenge. We had a mock set in pre production class and I had a lot of fun. It definately wasn’t my first time on a shoot, and I was glad to see some of my comrad’s get some exposure to how a set is actually ran. I could notice inexperience but also a general sense of apathy from some of my class mates. When it came to volunteering for crew positions there was a less than enthusiastic response, this worries me as these are my peers, whom I have to rely on for a passionate working environment.  I want to make connections here in this program that will lead to a productive and successful life in film production… Thats why I’m so pumped about every aspect of film making, I’m here because I LOVE FILMMAKING.     Every little job, can be very rewarding.

I had fun in the in class set experience, I got a chance to DOP, and Act, when I was shooting I would have rathered do a “oner” by handheld, but it wasn’t what the director wanted. .. This got me thinking… I kinda want to Direct and DP my own work. I love having the max control.


Breaking down, 3AM

March 9, 2010

The script 3AM by MArshall Axani is a great script, I like the twist in the end. I’m going through the breakdown prossess to have it produced. At the same time, I’m also producing my own film, which went on camera on March 5th. Doing two breakdowns at once can get confusing and conflicting. However I’ve been able to use what I’ve been learning in pre production class to help me burn through these breakdown sheets. It’s like I do my homework, then that homework helps me do my personal work.

My film is called Done With Art. It has a bigger cast than 3AM and more obscure locations. We’re filming in a public washroom in York’s campus which is really risky, so we’re doing it late on a saturday night.