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Strip board’s for life

February 11, 2010

After the last pre production class where we learned about how to make a strip board, I had a way better idea of how to efficiently plan out a shoot. It’s a great tool for the industry, I love how all of the old school film making techniques don’t really change, only adapt to technology. It’s funny how one day they’re going to run out of old school methods and the technology will no longer need to catch up. In fact we’re in that age now, Tech/advancements have proven to be steering the direction of filmmaking as we know… I know most people at least-say that visual effects aren’t enough to make a good movie alone, however these are the people who did end up paying the 14 bucks to see Avatar even though they walked in KNOWING they were going to hate it, but wouldn’t pay to see a stimulating film like a Serious Man… Why, when we can be jaded and only watch mainstream movies alone in our bedroom with no pants on… And never tell our friends about it.

Thinking about how many factors weigh into scheduling, I’m amazed that big budget films like Lord of the Rings can actually be pulled of, with so many locations, big name actors, and choreography, not to mention extras and make up for all! What a head ache!    I CANNOT WAIT

Man, what a cool guy.

Here’s a link to the pitch I’m waiting to hear back from… It’ll be an experimental alt film… Very strange.


Break it down now!

February 4, 2010

Oh yeah, just like that baby.

I love a good break down now and then. Normally when I breakdown a script I have a smoke, sit down either alone or with one other person, and firstly read over the script. You can’t just scan for words like “old man”, or “blue picture frame”, the story needs to make sense. The story needs to make so much sense that you are watching the movie in your head.

Take a good old fashion pile of breakdown sheets, box of highlighters, post-it notes, pencils, pens, rulers. And GO.

I love this stuff. That’s why I chose to come to film school, cause I have a pretty good idea at what the work load is going to be like and I really can’t wait. Living out of a suitcase and a huge RV… I’m down.

The last film I directed was called A Bitter Taste of Love.  Building the shooting schedule was a nightmare, right in the middle of the busiest time of the year. and my actors had jobs and schedules I had to work around. I was able to shoot at different times of the day and really made it work.