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January 24, 2010

A neat little trick they use in the bizz, is different colored scripts for different draft stages. It all starts on standard white paper. Anytime a scene is reworked, it changes color in the script, if its one page that needs to change, they pull it right out and add in the next color.  What’s lame is that they only use solid colors. I mean granted it’s a great system, keep everyone on the same page, yada yada…

This is how it would go if I made the rules: FIRST DRAFT – Everyone in the crew would be in the same room for a mandatory script reading- where one person would dictate the script in its entirety, anybody who needs a copy of a script would then hand write their personal copy.

The handwritten first drafts would be collected by a PA, who would be in charge of reading all of the script interpretations, and amalgamating them into the SECOND DRAFT. Which is typewritten by a different PA, so as to eliminate any bias, on Leopard print paper.

The THIRD DRAFT will come at the request of anyone who has a problem with reading the script through the animal print. It will be edited on a computer in font size 8, and printed on zebra print paper.

Side note: These styles of paper can be found at any scrapbook store.

Any script changes after that will be sent out only by text message, finished with “Pass it on”


Day two

January 20, 2010

The crew tree. Exotic and unique. Every branch has its leaves and nests. Some contain sap, others house small animals. Some burn quickly, others last forever.

The crew tree was interesting, I thought I had a better idea of what everyone did on set… But now I really know.  My favorite part was learning that some positions change their title because of pride. Ex: Electrics are now called lighting. It’s pretty understandable however, everyone needs to feel valued.

I’m excited to break my habits and learn some better organizational skills. Pre production can be a deciding facter in whether my films are going to look amateur of professional.


First class

January 20, 2010

It was so nice to start a new semester, meeting a new teacher and finding the class’ grove. Prod planning and management. It was funny watching people fumble the exercise about counting to four while passing the toy around. It was interesting to see how uncomfortable people were when they were put on the spot like that.
The film Lost in Le Mancha was an excellent pick to show the class, it was true to the prof’s quote “a train wreck in slow motion”. Watching it made me chew my fingernails, pull my hair and reach for (i don’t know how many) cigarettes. BUT it was really comforting when the film was over, I realized that the weight wasn’t on MY shoulders, that it was just a film… And that I’m taking this class so that i’ll be more prepared than these guys!


Hello world!

January 19, 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!